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Information of the Federal Ministry for land and forestry, environment and water management in co-operation with the IBO - Austrian Institut for construction biology and - ecology

It is well-known that air - particularly in densely populated areas - is charged with pollutants. Fewer deliberately it is us however that air is often more strongly charged in interiors than the ambient air. Pollutants from construction materials, furniture, devices etc. can make the social in the personal four walls sometimes even injurious to health.
The World Health Organisation specifies health not only as the absence of diseases and weakness, but as a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being. The flat range plays an important role. The dwelling as ours „third skin “is a substantial module for health well-being and in the broadest sense for high quality of life.
Therefore it is particularly importantly, the flat range if possible recovery SAM to arrangement healthy and from there also not assigned from harmful substances to. The existing brochure is to help to detect sources of pollutant in interiors and, if necessary, to meet the correct measures for its removal.
For this reason the working circuit compiled “interior air” in my department in co-operation with the Commission for keeping clean of the air of the Austrian academy of the sciences one „guideline for the valuation of interior air”, which is continuously supplemented. This is callable under the Internet address → Luft → Innenraumluft.

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and forestry, environment and water management

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