Pollutants in buildings

Pollutants in buildings




Chemical pollutants




Vision that
Building substrata in view to deposit from asbestos


Building committing
for the data collection of sources of emission or pollutant-contaminated
Built volumes




Retailed building committing with visual inspection,
Inc. Sampling
Physical analytics


Exploration planning




- Location of a land register
- Valuation of the redevelopment urgency - evaluation to the further action demand


Sampling and chemically analytics




Redevelopment planning
- Technique compromise
- Costs view of profit
- Preparing tender documents


with drawer-expert evaluation and commercial recommendation





Redevelopment inspection

Valuation of room air quality, redevelopment note


Notes to the disconnexion from construction droppings in the case of abort


Redevelopment progress control

Contract documentation


Expert redevelopment planning - bushing
- Progress control


Careful retreating longwall system planning - bushing
- Managment disposal


Pollutant-infested built volumes, components and furnishings can be found in almost any building/building/budget. As pollutant to call asbestos, artificial mineral fibres, is here e.g. wood preservative, pesticides, solvent, oils, softeners.
ChemExpert Swiss GmbH orders over accordingly approved experts and expert, in order to examine flat, office or commercially used building, industrial plants etc. on pollutants in view to a health or an environmental risk.

1. Exploration in the form of a commission retailed to the data collection and evaluation of all visible and the construction of plants and sections with asbestos, which includes sampling and physical analysis
2. Documentation of the results of exploration, which includes drawer-evaluation and expert recommendations for action, if necessary assessment of the urgency of a renewal, according to the guideline (receiver report to the competent authorities)
3. If necessary: planning a new development of asbestos, including the preparation of a bill of quantities for tender
4. Redevelopment inspection and redevelopment progress, including going directly through surveys of air in the room if necessary
5. Documentation and recognition of successful redevelopment (receiver report to the competent authorities)

II Artificial mineral fibers
From KMF, e.g. in the form of insulation material made of glass - / rock, can have significant health risks.
By our office during the investigation of structures / buildings on KMF deliverables based on the contents of the above, "with the asbestos" listed five steps, with the respective scope of services for substance-related KMF much lower can.

III. Nature Chemical Pollutants
An investigation of chemical pollutants in nature (eg, formaldehyde, wood, etc.) In buildings with a view to future use. This should be distinguished:
A. Evaluation of a health risk in continuing to use the building
The increased public interest in air quality due to the fact that the (lack of) air quality for interference will be increasingly accountable to the welfare of the occurrence of health effects for users of certain buildings or local. By the fact that buildings disease, the concept
"Sick Building Syndrome" characterized.
ChemExpert Swiss GmbH investigate and assess the air quality, identify sources of high concentrations of pollutants and makes recommendations and guidance for future repairs needed
Investigacions to minimize additional costs to complete the demolition of the building
When a building or structure that is aborted, then the possibilities for recycling and disposal of construction waste, such waste, with current regulations specified. Depending on the amount and type of pollution is harmful to the recovery or disposal of low to high construction costs compared to non-construction.

Should be conducted by our office during the investigation of the buildings on the pollutants which can be divided into the following four steps:
1. Sensory tests in the form of commission for a detailed coverage of emission sources or buildings
2. Exploration planned
3. Sampling and chemical analysis
4. Documentation with the evaluation and recommendations for action


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