Air conditioning and ventilation systems - test and inspection

The demands of the air quality, which is supplied by an annex as regards ventilation, and thereby also the demands of the annexes themselves, essentially depend on the use of supplied spaces. If an annex as regards ventilation supplies working places, falls you automatically under the industrial safety law and the subordinated sets of rules and must be held permanently on the state of the art. This corresponds actually the VDI to 6022, according to which this technical set of rules is to be transferred also mandatory.
In an European Union country workplace regulations request that room air-technical annexes (RLT annexes) regularly for its function to be checked must. They must supply healthwise tolerable air and function reliable in service.

In the VDI 6022 this test corresponds to the hygiene inspection so called. This is to be made for RLT annexes in indemnities of 2 years (annexes with air moisturizer) or 3 years (annexes without air moisturizers). The annex tests must be accomplished by qualified personnel and fulfilled certain minimum requirements, in order to be in „the emergency “also on the right. The hygiene inspection of the DMT fulfills these demands. To the power spectrum belong:

Investigation of the RLT Gerätekomponenten regarding

  • the adherence to design demands of the VDI 6022
  • Implementation, damage and contamination
  • functional aspects

Physical climatic parameters (at representative measuring points)


•Relative humidity


•Air movement

•Sound pressure level

•Ambient air flow rate


Micro-biological investigations (at representative measuring points)

•Germ number analysis on RLT Gerätekomponenten

•Total germ contents and Legionellen in the water (air moisturizer, cooling tower etc.)

•Germ contents in the supply air as well as reference survey of the ambient air


If you fall buildings under the technical inspection regulation (see also initial acceptances and repeat inspections after TPrüfVO), our experts know the required tests also in combination with the hygiene inspection for you would go straight through. Thus noticeable costs benefits result for you.



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